downloadAlso known as the integrated waste management, this is a modern method that is being used lately to deal with trash. This method involves all activities leading to both the management as well as the reduction of wastes. Incineration, recycling, compositing, reusing as well as burying of wastes in landfills are some of the strategies mentioned in that are combined to reduce wastes.

Combined waste management strategies

For this method to work properly a lot of priorities have to be put in place. The following are some of the priorities:


  • Proper planning


With this method, a very good planning has to be first put forward. With proper planning, a lot of factors which are economical, social, financial and environmental are supposed to be considered. Moreover, achievable goals are also set forth during this priority. These goals are geared towards ensuring that no toxins are allowed to affect both humans and water catchment areas as this will affect the whole ecosystem. Still open dumping is allowed.


  • Safety measures


In this priority, basic garbage prevention is followed to ensure that industries are able to eliminate the harmful chemicals used during production of products. Where possible, they ensure that industries make products whose expiry dates are high.


  • Secondary garbage control


The last priority usually puts a lot of weight on secondary garbage removal. It targets individuals as well as small businesses. Here, people are educated and encouraged to buy reusable goods. Moreover, they are encouraged to recycle products and also repair any repairable commodities rather than just dumping them.

Reasons why this method should be used

A lot can be reaped by implementing this method.

First and foremost, this method helps to keep the environment both attractive and clean. This is due to the fact that the combined rubbish management combines together very successful waste management plans that help to ensure that trash is effectively dealt with.

Again, this method helps to improve people’s economic advantage. This is because it engages very many people who are employed by both the government as well as the private sector. These people are usually paid good money once they remove and manage garbage. This ends up leading to rising of people’s living standards.

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